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Balkan Pharmaceuticals[edit]

Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2007. Since January 2009 it was registered and offered the first batches of Ukrainian medicine, and in October 2010, Balkan Pharmaceuticals won the right to supply medicines by public health institutions of Moldova. At the same time, the company began to invest in the development of its own production complex in Singera.

Today, the company produces 127 medicines types, among which 29 products are antineoplastic drugs, 21 - hormonal drugs, 15 drugs that have beneficial effects on the nervous system, 16 drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular system diseases, 13 - against the gastro-intestinal diseases, 14 drugs with anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects, etc.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has all the required certificates, documents and licenses, in accordance with the laws of the country and is completely legitimate pharmaceutical factory, complying with GMP standards.

More information about the factory can be found on the manufacturer's website ( To date, there are a lot of underground players on the pharmaceutical market, who forge known manufacturers of high-quality and BP is not an exception. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is constantly tried to be counterfeited, but the manufacturer wants customers to be confident in the product and therefore all drugs have check codes for authenticity. Now you can easily check the Balkan Pharma product for authenticity, for this, use the check form on site. Verification number is entered in the same way as it appears on the ampoules.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals reviews[edit]

Balkan Pharmaceuticals reviews are mostly positive. Online you can find a lot of comments about the high quality of the products, in comparison with its relatively low cost. Sometimes, there are negative reviews from people who by their inexperience bought a fake product and sin in the genuine manufacturer. The company is aware of the responsibility that it bears and that’s why has a strict policy against counterfeiting. To avoid becoming a victim of fake, you should buy products from reliable sources, known online shops, because these sellers are purchasing products directly from Balkan Pharmaceuticals factory. Buying products from Balkan Pharma, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, effective drug for the right price.

Keep in mind that many drugs, even high quality can cause side effects, so undesirable consequences of receiving potent substances, particularly in inadequate amounts, can significantly distort the impression.