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SP Laboratories[edit]

SP Laboratories

SP Laboratories is a company that produces anabolic and androgenic steroids in the production facilities of Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Moldovan brand known worldwide, and therefore the SP enjoys considerable prestige. SP Labs has an official website which will help each customer to verify the authenticity of the product purchased. Each vial of steroids has a sticker on which the verification code is applied. According to this code on the company's website, you can check the authenticity of steroids.

SP Laboratories Anabolic steroids gained special popularity among bodybuilders in just a few years of existence on the market. Every day, there are more and more regular consumers of SP Laboratories products.

All SP Labs steroids have instruction manual and a description. Always before using the product, read the information about it. If necessary, consult with a specialist.

SP Labs products:

  • Trenbolone enanthate 100.


If we take reviews of SP Labs in general, the company can be ranked as the best of the low-cost manufacturers of anabolic and androgenic steroids. Actually, SP Labs products do not differ from the AAC Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Low price, good quality, sometimes even excellent. However, not all the buyers consider the prices that low. But, as practice shows, you can’t get quality product for nothing.

Reviews of SP Laboratories say that in most cases, injectable steroids go "soft", without causing discomfort or pain. Intensity of the effect is good, both among mass-gaining agents and cutting agents.